About company

Since October, 2009 North-West Invest LLC has been implementing the investment project on complex development of the lands between Vodoslivnoy canal in the southern part of Sestroretsk and St. Petersburg flood protection works within boundaries of Lisiy Nos and Gorskaya villages. The project is aimed at creating a new human friendly environment for living, work and rest, and solving a problem of depressed coastal areas in the Gulf of Finland eastern part.

The project on complex development of the Gulf of Finland territory between the village of Lisiy Nos and the town of Sestroretsk is fulfilled in accordance with the leasing agreements, signed with St. Petersburg. After conducting the auctions in 2009 and 2010 North-West Invest was qualified for complex residential development of these territories. The signed agreements comprise the liabilities on planning documentation development, reclamation and stabilization of urban territory in terms of land development, and construction of infrastructure facilities.

Municipal administration organized the sales according to the decisions of Federal and regional authorities, aimed at development of the urban territory in the eastern part of Gulf of Finland. St. Petersburg attracted the investor to solve this task due to Order #1707-р of the Government of Russian Federation dated November 13, 2009 and Resolution of Federation Council of the Russian Federation # 490-СФ dated December 16, 2009.

Total amount of private investments into the project comprised about 250 billion rubles.

Leading professionals of Saint Petersburg have been carrying out research and investigations on environmental and hydrological state of the inshore water area, historical and cultural development of the coastal area, urban, social and economic study. On the basis of results of these investigations the following main tasks of the investment project have been formulated:


  • Solving environmental problems and revival of resort significance of the eastern part of the gulf coast near the dam and
    Tarkhovskaya Bay.
  • Development of the coast recreation function, improvement of beaches, parks and squares.
  • Creation of a new urban complex and preservation of historical architectural traditions of St. Petersburg, the Kurortniy district, the use of new domestic and foreign achievements and innovations in terms of urban planning, architecture, engineering support and environmental protection.
  • Improvement of social and economic living conditions both for residents of Kurortniy district and of St. Petersburg.
  • Development of education, culture, tourism, sports and health in St. Petersburg.


Best experts in city planning, architecture, ecology, able to make complex and creative decisions, were involved into work over these tasks.

Solved task of the territory revival with its large spare potential will allow improving considerably the level of living in the area, and making it a reference pattern in terms of living standards.

The idea of the new living standard project is a chance to provide for our children’s future, whereas well-thought-out and complex development of the territories is St. Petersburg future.