About the project

Project and environment

In the course of work on the project matters of environmental protection were always paid a special attention.

Natural landscape preservation and improvement of the area recreational potential are the main challenges, put to designers.

Proceeding from results of numerous environmental studies an assessment of the land development project environmental impact (EIA), a complex of environmental protection measures has been developed. Besides, the project materials were delivered for complex study in terms of environmental safety of the project to “Ecology and natural resources”, a Joint Scientific Public Council of St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science. Results of the performed analysis proved the validity of the applied decisions.

Within the preparatory period of public hearings on EIA section of the land development project two public environmental expert evaluations, initiated by the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences and All-Russian Society of Nature Preservation, were performed, which proved the quality of the developed project documentation.

In December 2011 public hearings on EIA section took place. As a result of consultations with local communities, the project was reviewed and sent to the state environmental appraisal.

Considering the significance of the project and a large interest attracted to it in Russia apart from other countries, PoyryFinlandOy, the Finnish company, was involved for performance of the environmental appraisal by the North-West Invest Company. The research was focused on the following key targets: evaluation of the project environmental impact, compliance of the made project decisions with EU principles and requirements in terms of environmental impact assessment, Espoo Convention on EIA, HELCOM (Helsinki commission) recommendations and principles.

The Russian legislation fails to stipulate a number of surveys that are mandatory in the EU. In this regard Finnish professionals performed extra environmental studies, required in compliance with the EU criteria. In March 2012 the PoyryFinlandOy company completed the supplementary studies and a total project assessment. The results revealed that the negative environmental impact will be local and temporary, therefore the project can be fulfilled from environmental point of view, there is neither cross-border environmental impact, nor the necessity to apply the corresponding rules of Espoo Convention on EIA. The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Finland examined the results of the study and a report prepared by PoyryFinlandOy, and drew out a relative memorandum, which reflects main conclusions of the PoyryFinlandOy assessment.

Town-building philosophy

The town-building philosophy of the project is being extensively developed. In 2011 a basic master-plan of land development has been created in partnership with NikkenSekkei, a famous Japanese company experienced in complex and large-scale projects. This work reflects main provisions of the land development town-building philosophy.

Development of St. Petersburg as a polycentric megapolis provides for creating the brand new cultural and business complexes. Principles of formation of architectural environmental, spatial and social economic characteristics shall be determined based on the task of creating a new town complex in the suburban area of Saint Petersburg, that complies with the prospective standards of living, comfort of life environment, level of social relations and representation of cultural, art, sport and health facilities. The project contributes to formation of a modern and dynamically developing face of St. Petersburg that honors its historical, architectural and town-building traditions.

The concept provides for maximum opening of coastal nature of the territory, functional and specific involvement of water area and landscape into the urban structure. The traditional area development in Saint Petersburg involves active use of water spaces – a big number of channels and rivers would penetrate the whole territory of the city. And taking into account the coastal nature of the territory a special attention will be paid to the use of specific characteristics of the Gulf of Finland – development of sea embankments and beaches, creating a special recreational environment which is not enough developed in Saint Petersburg now. One of the most important results of this project will be prolongation of the coastline, along with the yacht harbor it creates new ways of small boats and water sport development.

Complex development of the whole coast provides for correlation of the new area with the current buildings, so that new facilities can naturally connect the urban part of the ring road junction with the Primorskoe highway, mansion houses of existing settlements and Sestroretsk with its unique environment.

High standards of human living comprise a bit more than a high-quality dwelling and sites of leisure, recreation, and intellectual development. One of the tasks is to expand a border of “Home” concept over the whole area, and to create a harmonious living environment for life, work, comfortable communications and bringing up children. The key aspect in planning the social and public facilities is not only a compliance with the valid standards and norms, but understanding that new standards of public service quality, public relations, formation of national, cultural and historical values and traditions are required.

A town-building philosophy, developed on a basis of the above-mentioned principles, was taken as a core of design and a boundary-setting plan. All works over it have been completed now, all necessary approvals obtained, public hearings carried out, the project was sent to the Committee for Urban Development and Architecture for preparation of Saint Petersburg government decree on the development project approval.