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Object of Tender

The object of the tender is a distinctive architectural solution for development of the Designed Area to establish an urban ensemble of the Bolshoy canal as the main composite unit of the new urban complex.

The purpose of the Tender project is to design a 3D planning solution to set up the urban ensemble of the Bolshoy canal within the Designed Area.
The principles for setting up architectural environmental, spatial and socio-economic characteristics of the Designed Area are defined on the basis of the objective to establish a new urban formation in the suburban area of St. Petersburg, with quality of life, comfort of human environment, level of social and cultural services complying with world standards.

The designed urban complex shall include high-profile facilities of regional and city-wide importance – of business, cultural and entertainment, recreation and healthcare purpose. The areas of activity established in the new district shall become a worthwhile complement to the existing city centres of St. Petersburg, improving the area image by its high architectural quality and social importance. Residents and visitors to the new urban formation shall have a feeling of staying in an environment enriched with facilities of high consumer quality.

Following the Tender results it is suggested to obtain architectural solutions taking into account the urban potential of the Designed Area location, as well as its great history and surrounding landscapes. Tender projects shall offer solutions reflecting the connection between the existing urban situation and proposals to develop this area.

The main element of the Designed Area urban composition is the water area of the Bolshoy canal with width of around 70 metes. It divides the developed area into two sections and stretches from the east to the west. The nature of development of the Bolshoy canal coasts sets the keynote idea of architectural expressiveness of the new district.

Tender Project Objectives

• To set up an integral and harmonic architectural composition of area development along the southern and northern coasts of the Bolshoy canal with account of elaborating residential, social and business, recreation and healthcare functions within the Designed Area in accordance with the fragment of the town-planning zoning map of St. Petersburg in part of territorial zones from the Law of St. Petersburg "On regulations of land use and development in St. Petersburg".

• To make proposals on functionally consistent arrangement of the city environment, development of comfortable and beneficial public and common social areas in compliance with the existing town-planning legislation, including urban regulations set up by the Regulations of land use and development in St. Petersburg.

• To suggest planning solutions for arrangement of multi-tier embankments of the Bolshoy canal, their improvement and landscape gardening with account of the planned traffic from the platform “Aleksandrovskaya” in the east of the Designed Area to the recreation and healthcare complex as the Bolshoy canal exits into the water area of the Gulf of Finland in the west.

• To provide a connection between the Bolshoy canal and the Gulf of Finland with a section (potentially a total section) sufficient to ensure flowage and navigation of small vessels.


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