The “Novy Bereg” (New Shore) Project

The “Novy Bereg” (New Shore) Project has won in the nominating category: “New Perspective on St. Petersburg” – a prestigious municipal award colloquially dubbed “Legends of St. Petersburg”. For the fourth year running, the award has been hosted by the popular publication “Argumenty i Fakty”. The honorary judging panel – St. Petersburg residents.

The “Legends of St. Petersburg” award is presented on an annual basis to the most accomplished residents of St. Petersburg, moncler shirts shoes 2 as well as to the companies and projects that have provided the greatest contribution to the city’s overall development. Serving on the judging panel were St. Petersburg residents themselves – anyone so desiring was able to vote for the nominees on the “AiF” website. The nominating categories were incredibly diverse: “Contribution to Sports Development”, “Future of Russia”, “Petersburgers’ Choice”, “Calling Card of the City”, “Legendary Scope”, “Newcomer of the Year”, “Stability and Quality”, moncler armoise albizia 2 “New Perspective on St. Petersburg”, “To Russia with Love”, “Creativity and Innovation”, and “Honoring Traditions”.

This year, the “Legends” award ceremony took place in a particularly creative setting – the venue for the event was the “Skorokhod” art-space (previously the factory floor of the famed Soviet brand). The innovative “Novy Bereg” Project, poised to become the first “smart city” in Europe, received an award in the nominating category: “New Perspective on St. michael kors access apple watch Petersburg” – with good reason. After all, the project assumes an innovative approach to urban planning and will emerge as a prime example of the practical application of cutting-edge urban-development technology.

Invited as special guests of the “Legends of St. Petersburg 2012” event were: the hearing-impaired artists’ group “Ver’ Serdtsu” (Follow Your Heart), distinguished figure-skating coach Alexey Mishin, two-time Olympic champion, repeat USSR champion and world champion Dmitry Vasilyev, and participants in the “Zvezda Udachi” (Lucky Star) competition.